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Here you'll find new releases and updates to existing material. There are previews, streaming and both mp3 and high definition downloads on Michael's Band Camp Page.
There are two new collaborations released on Projekt Records, "Convergence" with Michael and Erik Wollo, and "Beyond Earth and Sky" with Steve Roach. Clicking on their covers will take you directly to the Projekt Records order pages.
Two other new albums are on 'The Archives' page, "The Soft Touch of Morning Light" and "Music for the Dome". "Soft Touch" is a series of three 'extended' live recordings Michael made on the Serge synthesizer that are released here for the first time. "Music for the Dome" contains soundtracks from three planetarium films composed and recorded over the last several years.
On the "Chronos, Baraka, Samsara" page, "Chronos" has now been re-released as a re-mastered stereo fold down of the original six channel 24/96 print master. It includes the previously missing 'credit music'. You'll also find the original X-86 digital mix there. Both versions of "Chronos" are now available on Michael's Band Camp Page to stream or download.
"Within the Nine Dimensions" and "The Middle of Time" are both available on CD for purchase directly from the office. Clicking on either of their covers below will take you to the "Office Stock" page where you may order them.
"Sorcerer" and "The Storm" are available directly from the Spotted Peccary website. Clicking on the covers will take you directly to their order pages.

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