Welcome to the new website. Much has changed since launching the last site 12 years ago, new technologies, downloads overtaking CDs, online streaming of music and picture, mobile apps, everything in flux… The new site is fluid in its’ design and construction, easier to update, to express new imaginings & respond to changes.  We'll keep you informed here on the 'NEWS' page as new materials are added. It will be a continual “work in progress”. Stop by often and thank you for visiting!


dadandrewholophone      filming
Michael and his son Andrew spent two months on location in Qatar recording sounds and music. Working with director Ron Fricke (Chronos, Baraka, Samsara), they collected materials for a film that will open at the new Qatar National Museum in 2016. Highlights of the trip included recording the “Singing Sand Dunes”, immersing in the rhythms, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of an unfamiliar culture and making many new friends.

sstsposter      jennifer
Michael scored and mixed Jennifer Corcoran’s feature film “She Sings to the Stars” which premiered at the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco and is now in distribution.

softtouch200v2      dome200v2
"The Soft Touch of Morning Light" (three selections of extended archival live recordings made with the Serge synthesizer in 1979) and "Music for the Dome" (selections from planetarium scores recorded over the last several years) are now available on "The Archives" page.