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Here in The Archives you'll find previously unreleased material. As time permits, recordings of concerts and performances will be mastered and released, early recordings made at Continuum and other studios, installations, unreleased film scores and other music written to picture. Some of the material will only be available for download, others will also be released on CD. Previews and downloads are available on Michael's BandCamp Page. "The Soft Touch of Morning Light" and "Music for the Dome" are now available on duplicated CDs. Click on an album cover to go to the order page.

    softtouch200v2    dome200v2

IMPORTANT: CD fulfillment (manufacture, packaging and shipping) of titles on our Earth Turtle label is automated through our website and handled by the TrepStar company in Inver Grove, Minnesota. Because CD sales have declined so dramatically, it is no longer possible for us to order large quantities of replicated CDs, warehouse and ship them from our office in New Mexico. When you click on a cover to order one of Michael's CDs released on our Earth Turtle label, you are taken to a TrepStar ordering page for that title. Once you finalize your order, your CD is duplicated, printed and packaged for shipment to you. You can order as many CDs as you like and they ship anywhere in the world. TrepStar duplicates CDs on the highest quality Taiyo Yuden mastering grade blanks (these are the same blanks used to master CDs in the process of manufacturing replicated CDs). Because your CD is manufactured specifically for you, ONCE YOU PLACE THE ORDER, THERE IS NO WAY TO CANCEL IT and the CD can only be returned to TrepStar if there is a defect in manufacturing. Here at the office, we have CDs duplicated on Taiyo Yuden blanks that go back two decades. If you take care of them, as you would a vinyl record collection, they will last for many years.